Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance

Forget what you THINK you know about bellydance


Amanda ~  All of the dancers filled out random questions about themselves. The answers are below in their photo bios! 



If you had $1000 that you had to spend, just on yourself, and were not allowed to spend it “sensibly”, what would you buy?

I would use it to buy more canvases and tubes of paint and other art supplies (which already take up a significant amount of space in our 850 sq/ft home). Probably some belly dance costuming too...


If you had to run out of your burning house, what would you grab?

All of my pets and my boyfriend, also all of my plants and paint supplies......maybe I should use that $1000 dollars to buy lottery tickets so I can increase my chances of winning millions that I can then have like 8 bionic arms created so I can carry all those things at once...

Proudest achievement?

My life up until this point! It's had some big ups and downs, but I'm still here!

What is your favorite costume item that you own?

Both of my belts. (yes, I only have two ;) Sometimes after I'm done drilling I just like to wear them around the house. I'm not certain why, I just do


When did you start dancing? What inspired you?

I started belly dance about 6 years ago, doing cabaret for only a few months. I was youtubing belly dance videos shortly after and came across a Zoey Jakes video of tribal fusion...MIND BLOWN. After that I switched over to tribal style, doing classes and private lessons in fusion and then getting to join Prairie Caravan and doing ATS. I love them both.  I'm inspired every time I dance by the beauty of the people I am dancing with, the art of the dance itself, and the things you learn you can do that you never knew!


Favourite book or movie, and why? 

My favorite movies are Last of the Mohicans and The Piano. I enjoyed both stories,the acting was great,  but also the scenery in both is beautiful, as are the soundtracks. Having all these things is what makes them favorites for me      



Any kids; pets; significant others that you’d like to mention?

I own a miniature schnauzer named Petal, a standard schnauzer named Candle, and two quaker parakeets named Herbie and Flip.



 When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a veterinarian, but turned out I was not very good at math. It turned ok though, because between two parrots and two dogs, I still get to spend a fair bit of time in their offices, just not quite as I wanted it, haha.



What are you doing now?

Ive being focusing more on my artistic endeavors, which were on the back burner for years while I focused on school. I love oil paint, and always have a few works on the go, I also have started working with clay and am about half way through I piece I plan to get bronzed. The focus of my my art is mostly horses, although Ive been sketching more different subject matter lately. My goal for the new year is to do at least two pieces that have subject which is outside my comfort zone (so paintings that are not of horses!).


Best memory?

Any that puts me in the company of a horse. Growing up on a hobby farm I was fortunate enough to own one. I also worked at a dressage and a race barn as a teenager. Incidentally the horse I rode at the race barn in exchange for mucking and feeding was the one I ended up owning. My favorite memories revolve around her. From just sitting in a field with her while she ate, to spending hours getting ready to go to shows. Even memories of taking care of other people's horses are ones that I cherish. There really is just something about a horse that is good for the inside of a person! I took lessons for a while after moving to Manitoba, and hope to get back into them at some point. For now this girl that has never outgrown her 'horse craziness' appeases the obsession by making them the focus of most her art



What are your best and worst traits?

My best trait is that I'm a perfectionist. My worst trait is that I'm a perfectionist. Ive been learning to let things go more readily, but only after I've perfected them




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