Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance

Forget what you THINK you know about bellydance . . .

Darcy  ~  All of the dancers filled out random questions about themselves. The answers are below in their photo bios! 


What do you value most in your life?

My independence; my ability to find strength in difficult times;  and my ability to make decisions. No “wishy washy” for this girl                               

If you had a “super power”, what would it be?

The ability to grant more time. Just think, one more day with a dying loved one; one more week to get the mortgage payment together; one more month to lose those 20 pounds before the reunion. Things would be much sweeter if we could just have more time . . . 



What makes you laugh out loud?

Ha! It's more like what doesn't!! Some of the ridiculous things animals do; people’s facial reactions to different situations; a commercial on Animal Planet with a cartoon cow being projected through the air due to his flatulence. Sounds childish, but it gets me every time!


Why do you dance?

Tribal dance gives me a sense of beauty and empowerment that I don’t carry with me in the every day world. It is the only time that I feel almost okay, at the size that I’m at. I feel accepted and part of a wonderful thing


What is your biggest pet peeve?

People clipping their nails in public!! What is UP with that?Why not pull out a Q-tip and do your ears too? Makes me crazy when I see this, or even worse, hear it! Uuuggghhh  (Oh, and bad drivers)



Favourite food?  

Jeanne’s cake!! I would be a happy woman to eat that for the rest of my life. (Which would only be about 4 months after all my arteries clogged up) Available only in Winnipeg, so it would take a lot for me to move from this city!


If you had millions of dollars, what would you do with your life?

Retire faster than you can say “See ya!”; help out friends and family; buy a large plot of land and adopt all sorts of old, ugly pets that would be rejected at shelters (but pay someone to scoop litter and pick up poop) Would learn how to groom animals and would volunteer at (and donate to)  different animal shelters.

Ah, my dream life  . . .. 


If you could have dinner with anybody, dead or alive, who would, you choose?

Just one more time with my Mom and Dad


Other than asking for “world peace”, if you could change something in society, what would it be?

Stricter laws for those that abuse animals. Barely one step down from “an eye for an eye” is what I believe is deserved. They say you can judge a society by how it treats it's animals. We're failing horribly . . . 



You’re on a desert island, what three things from civilization would you miss the most?

Toilet paper; Tim Horton’s coffee; a microwave (and Jeannie’s cake of course, but that’s four)   




Tell us something that none of your fellow dancers might know about you!

I have a poem published in a book, and I once played rugby in a half time show at a Wpg Blue Bomber football game. (Had a great tackle, the crowd went “ooooooooooooh”!) Oh, and my tattoo is in honour of my parents. There is a long story (that I won't subject you to here) but the roses represent my Dad, and the purple petunias are for my Mom. Both of their life's struggles are represented (in my own way)


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